"Meredith creates heartfelt, yet universal songs, that combine intriguing, image-rich-lyrics with beguiling original melodies. She performs them with exquisite tenderness."

- Paul Griffiths

San Francisco Singer/Songwriter​

Meredith Edgar is a San Francisco Bay Area native and lifelong musician.

After returning from a five-year stay in Austin, Texas, she reunited with songwriter Paul Griffiths and bassist Sean Silverman to form a trio. They play regularly around San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. Find out where they're playing next here .


Some of Meredith's major musical influences are Billie Holiday, Morphine, Gillian Welch, Amy Winehouse, Kathleen Edwards, and Jolie Holland.


Meredith's songs are melancholy and melodic, and combine her loves of folk, jazz, and Americana.

© 2017 by Meredith Edgar. Website photos by The Studio Deux.

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