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Meredith Edgar is a singer's singer and a songwriter's songwriter. She embodies elegance, sensitivity, and grit in every note and syllable.
Her songs are a haunting, melodic mix of passion and melancholy, seamlessly blending the styles of music she adores into a unique form. Like the great singers and songwriters she is inspired by, Meredith fearlessly explores feelings and reactions to her own times and artfully makes them universal. 
Deeply personal sentiments reflected in songs like“Tidal Waves” and “Loved You So Long” sit comfortably with songs like “American News” and “I Will Hold You At The End Of The World”, songs inspired by the turbulent times we’ve all lived through. 
On Whatever You Prey is a big-hearted collection of songs guaranteed to nourish even the weariest (lockdown) soul.

- Paul Griffiths

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